Post Greenfest & Charlottesville Thoughts


It was so great meeting so many lovely people on Saturday and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work on such a diverse crowd of people. Thank you for stopping by my table and giving me a chance to show you what I do. It was a bit of a challenge with the time constraints and broken middle finger (the right tip, I might not have even mentioned it to some of you!), but the gratitude that I was shown was encouraging and I appreciated it greatly.

If you did get a chance to get some work done, please know that in the office, it is quite different when clothing is not in the way, as I make use of a small bit of oil and traction on the skin to do myofascial release, which creates more pull in the tissue and is important for release. It's stylistically different than when working at these events, so I hope you'll give it a try. Please enjoy $20 off a first session if we met at Greenfest and note that sessions come in 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 minutes.

***You may book with me by texting 617-959-4171 or emailing Please navigate to the New Patients tab to see introductory package pricing as well as other relevant information***

All in all it was a wonderful Boston. It was a jarring contrast seeing every race, color, and ethnicity sharing their culture and crafts, working together, walking together, and on my massage table to the news we received that day. It was not until the next morning that I caught up.

As a healer, it is my mission to bring about a better state of body and mind with love. People present their bodies to me, which is a vulnerable and trusting act. It is my job to treat them with care. It's not just a job-- it's an instinct. It doesn't matter what that body does, who it supports, or even if I like them or not. Love is blind and unconditional. When someone is on the massage table, so long as they are respectful and appropriate to me, it is not personal. My hands will always convey one thing and one thing only-- and that is care.

When I see the opposite-- when I see human bodies beaten and abused, when I see violence, I feel deep wounding and deep sadness. And this, I believe, is the fundamental human state. Hate is learned. It is taught. It is not instinctual. Biologically we function best in the conditions of love. Hate hurts and it's supposed to. That's why it's not sustainable. We came together Saturday in the name of sustainability. The planet cannot sustain itself on oil and coal. And people cannot sustain themselves on hate. 

To fight a problem we have to address the core of that problem. When I see a person in pain, I look for its source, I speak to it and address it. And that is what we need to do. Speaking may cost us, but silence costs more. 

My practice is built on love and tolerance. That includes LGBTQ and people of color. I personally will not be complicit in any way in the revitalization of White Supremacy, the KKK, or Nazis. That ideology isn't welcome in my practice, my city, or my country. I will not be a quiet bystander because it doesn't affect me in the way that it has and continues to affect others without the same privilege. No one should ever be afraid or suffer because of the color of their skin or the religion they practice. You deserve to feel supported and protected. It's important that we contemplate our fear, indifference, or pride and determine what is worth more to us in our short time on Earth. Speaking up can save lives. 

In solidarity,
Razelle @ Satya

PS. Please enjoy this beautiful video