Satya is the Sanskrit word for truth. It also refers to a virtue in Indian religions, referring to being truthful in one's thought, speech and action. In Yoga, satya is one of five yamas, the virtuous restraint from falsehood and distortion of reality in one's expressions and actions.

I named the practice Satya, inspired by my love of the Vedas and Hinduism, in analogy with my main objective in life, which is to live as truthfully as possible. I wanted a practice that was honest and authentic. In the field of massage therapy, there have been misleading notions propagated ranging from the meaning of deep tissue to an excess of categories. A massage that is effective is based on core principles of anatomical and bio-mechanical knowledge, of assessment, and application of technique in a manner that the patient's tissue responds to. Orthopedic massage is more advanced than what a massage therapist learns in school and is a separate learning and certification process. It acts as a blanket for many other categories such as sports massage, NMT, deep tissue, therapeutic, etc in that it encompasses them all. With creating a long term change in mind, treatment is applied slowly and with guidance from the tissue. At the right pressure, muscle and connective tissue start to melt under the hands. Beyond that, they will resist; less than, and nothing will change. This is why many treatments are ineffective. Working with that truth, I have been able to help people in a way that is very rewarding. I am grateful for receiving this teaching and was particularly lucky to have an excellent teacher.