As a musician and cyclist, I overuse certain muscle groups and had developed some repetitive stress injuries. Razelle has a superior understanding of human anatomy and brings that knowledge to her practice. She has helped me restore and maintain my health.
— Neil L
I had been struggling with chronic pain in my neck, back, and hips due to injury for 3 years and had seen many massage therapists for relief before I was introduced to Razelle and Orthopedic Massage Therapy.

I have been seeing Razelle for 3 years and what she does has completely changed the way I look at massage therapy. Sessions are not just relaxing, they are healing. My sessions with her have changed the way my body feels on a daily basis, and if anyone struggles with injuries or pain, you’ll understand how important that is. Satya Orthopedic is centrally located, Razelle is easy to work with, and she has become an integral part to helping me with my pain management.
— Victoria H
Razelle is a truly skilled artist in the medium. I scheduled an appointment after having been dealing with pretty severe back pain for over a year from an auto collision. She handled my concerns professionally and was immediately able to zero in on the part of my back that was causing me discomfort. Within the first session she was successfully able to get rid of the tension and pain in my back shoulder. I was left speechless.
I didn’t even know such results were possible without invasive treatments (surgery). When I left I literally felt as if a brick had been lifted off my back, it’s unbelievable. I highly suggest and recommend Razelle if you are suffering from any physical discomfort in your body due to injury or otherwise.
— Michael R